Business Process Design, Management and Improvement is intended for upper level and MBA courses on process design and analysis for business. It  provides a framework and content to convey the impor­tance of a process view of modern business organizations. Although much of the material in this text is derived from the operations management literature, this is not just an operations management text. Indeed processes are important to every functional area of study because (1) processes are involved in every function in the organization from accounting and finance to marketing and human resource management, and (2) because most of the critical processes in the modern enterprise are cross-functional in nature and can no longer be managed in isolation. Included throughout the book are examples and cases from all aspects of business. The cross-disciplinary aspect of process management is further illustrated by the key enabler of process innovation, namely information technology. 

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lncludes XLSim and excel templates, Video tutorials for XLSim, Solution manual, powerpoint, Test Bank, Excel files for all examples, problems, cases, and sample syllabi.

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