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Clear. Concise. Affordable.


HERCHER  provides short, uncluttered, innovative texts and technology for college-level quantitative business courses and offers these products at considerably lower prices to student purchasers.



About our e-books

HERCHER  e-books are available from Vital Source, an Ingram Content Group company. Like other e-books, Hercher/Vital Source e-books are searchable and students can highlight and annotate them. Unlike e-books offered by competitors, ours are not merely rented or available as an online viewable text for a specified amount of time. Students can download our files onto any computer or tablet device for perpetuity; students own the files. Students can also access their text on line for 1 year. In addition, our e-books match our printed texts exactly so there is no need for translation when referring to pages or contents.  



"...65% of students said that they had decided against buying a textbook because it was too expensive.
The survey also found that 94% of students who had foregone purchasing a textbook were concerned that doing so would hurt their grade in a course. More than half of the students felt significant concern for their grade"

Fall 2013 Survey-Fixing the Broken Textbook Market.


"Student preference for hard copy if price is the same is 87%

Student preference for hard copy when reading long text for school is 86%

Students said it is easiest to concentrate when reading….hard copy 92%"

(e-content 8%)

From BaronCross study-University Student survey 425 College students

"….87% of students feel that digital textbooks are not worth the money if they cannot be viewed offline"

"….89% of students admit that cost was an important factor in avoiding or delaying getting course materials (texts)"

" A New Study Shows that Students Learn way more effectively from print textbooks than from screens." Business Insider

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