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Quality Management

Fourth Edition .

Howard Gitlow

Rosa Oppenheim

Alan Oppenheim

David Levine

Quality Management provides comprehensive coverage of quality management methods and applications. It includes thorough coverage of Deming's theory of management as well as process definition and documentation, control charts, and design of experiments. A new chapter on Lean tools has been added.

All chapter problem sets are available in minitab files on the Instructor Files site as well as detailed power-point files for all chapters.  




1         Fundamentals of Quality  (38)

2         W. Edwards Deming’s Theory of Management (39)

3         Fundamentals of Statistical Studies (14)

4         Defining and Documenting a Process  (15)


Tools and Methods for Analytic Studies

5         Probability and Statistics (74)

6         Stabilizing and Improving a Process with Control Charts (42)

7         Attribute Control Charts (82)

8         Variables Control Charts (76)

9         Out-of-Control Patterns (27)

10     Diagnosing a Process (73)

11     Process Capability and Improvement Studies (67)

12     Design of Experiments (64)

13     Inspection Policy (19)

Current Thinking about Statistical Practice

1         Six Sigma Management  (63)

2         Lean Tools and Methods (54)